About Dr. Boone

First off, thanks for looking at the clEAR dropper!

I am an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor and I have seen my patients and my own family struggle with the delivery of ear drops and with the hassle of ear wax. For years patients have had to deliver ear medicines straight out of the ear bottle or with a standard eye dropper. Self administering ear drops or administering drops to a screaming, fussy child is not a small task. 

Late one night, I got a call from a parent asking to refill her daughter's ear drop prescription. This prescription had cost her $100 and was supposed to last 2 weeks. In just two days, the mother had used up all the drops (the drops had been wasted while struggling to get the drops in her child's ear.) The mother asked me why there wasn't an easier way to administer drops. This question started my quest to design a simple, cheap, and easy to use drop administration device.

After developing the clEAR dropper, I realized how frequently I was recommending home remedies for ear pain, swimmer's ear, itchy ears. Over-the-counter items like Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide, Rubbing Alcohol, Olive oil all are cheap and effective ways to address conditions of the ear canal. Before the clEAR dropper, the only way to administer these drops was through the generic eye dropper...which as the name would imply, was NOT designed with the ear in mind.

The clEAR dropper has helped numerous patients and has save my patients thousands of dollars in reduce medication cost and decreased doctors visits. I hope you find the clEAR dropper as helpful as my patients have.

Best Regards,

Dr. Boone