Ear Drops Made Easy

The ClearDropper is quick and easy to use. Follow the three simple steps below to apply ear drops to yourself, a child or your pet.  


STEP 1 - Insert the bottle into the perforated “X” on the bulb and squeeze in the desired amount of solution you want to apply to the ear.

Filling ClearDropper with ear drops


STEP 2 – Insert the unique silicone ear applicator into your ear until snugly placed.

ClearDropper in ear


STEP 3 – Squeeze the bulb 3-5 times to deliver the fluid. Keep head tilted for 1 minute.*

Administering ear drops
View or Download View the full instructions here 

DISCLAIMER - Only apply ear drops at the direction of your physician. Consult your doctor and the manufacturer’s instructions for use before administering ear medication or home remedies.

* Images are dramatized. Please refer to the ClearDropper instructions for use before using the device.