Ear Drops Made Easy

The ClearDropper is quick and easy to use. Follow the three simple steps below to apply ear drops to yourself, a child or your pet.  


STEP 1 - Insert the bottle into the perforated “X” on the bulb and squeeze in the desired amount of solution you want to apply to the ear.


STEP 2 – Insert the unique silicone ear applicator into your ear until snugly placed.


STEP 3 – Squeeze the bulb 3-5 times to deliver the fluid. Keep head tilted for 1 minute.*

View or Download View the full instructions here 

DISCLAIMER - Only apply ear drops at the direction of your physician. Consult your doctor and the manufacturer’s instructions for use before administering ear medication or home remedies.

* Images are dramatized. Please refer to the ClearDropper instructions for use before using the device.




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